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Types of EN Events

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Endless Night Productions events are public, professionally run events hosted by the Sabretooth Clan geared towards those of Neo-Victorian, Vampire/Vampyre, Steampunk, Pagan, Fetish, Medieval and Gothic cultures.   Our private events are known as “Inner Courts” and are for Sabretooth members only.   All those who obtain a ticket, meet the dress code requirements of the GateKeeper (for security and aesthetic empowerment of the event) and agree to our code of conduct are welcome to attend.

– 400-1500 guests.
– Top international venues (past and present) such as The House of Blues New Orleans, Delphi Cinema in Berlin, The Bank / Element NYC, Limelight / Avalon NYC and Castle Ybor.
– Themed events (not all Vampire Balls) encouraging a storyline through the event.
– Strict Endless Night Dress Code.
– Best Dressed Contest.
– Master / Mistress of Ceremonies.
– Scripted stage performances.
– Live Musical which have included in the past Rasputina, Cult of the Psychik Fetus, Inkubus Sukkubus, opera singers, etc.
– Top alternative DJs spinning the Endless Night Vampire Top 250 and their own specialities.
– Burlesque and Bellydance shows.

– 50-400 guests.
– Highly flexible events which are “Mini-Vampire Balls.” Usually done in a city a year before a Vampire Ball to set the tone and give a taste of the EN experience.
– Make take place in venues which EN does not have full control of such as co-productions with a theme night at a local alternative club.
– Various performances such as bands, belly dance shows, cabaret / burlesque, costume contest, etc.
– Strict Endless Night Dress Code is HIGHLY encouraged but not required (depending on the venue).
– Top alternative DJs spinning the Endless Night Vampire Top 250 and their own specialities.

– 50-300 guests.
– Are intimate adult oriented “Eyes Wide Shut parties.”
– Masks highly encouraged.
– Strict Dress Code encouraging classy yet sensual and erotic attire.
– Ritual and theatrical performances.
– High class lounge like atmosphere.
– Music is varied including the Endless Night Vampire Top 250 to ceremonial and ambient.
– “Light sensual erotic play” such as shibari and kitten play is welcome.
– Not a “swingers” or heavy BDSM event.

New York Vampire Ball – Halloween Special Edition – Special Guest CERVENA FOX

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GET TICKETS HERE – FB EVENEndlessNight-CervenaFox

We are honored and privileged to announce that the world famous Cervena Fox will be our special guest and performer at the Vampire Ball of New York on October 17th at Slake!

All about the Sabretooth Castle … Endless Night : Conclave I, July 9-14 2015

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Many of you have been asking where the Clan and our guests will be gathering in Austria for our first Endless Night: Conclave on July 9-14 2015…  Remember Burning Man started on a beach in California with only 60 people and we are right on track.

Burg Finstergruen is a 12th century “stronghold” first mentioned in 1138 and the name translates to mean “dark trench.” In 1841 the castle was destroyed in a forrest fire and was rebuilt in 1899.  By the 1950s it became a Protestant youth group summer camp and was finally purchased in 1972 by a youth group.  The owners are very open minded and VERY excited to receive us… giving us full freedom to be ourselves and celebrate our Sabretooth traditions, culture and community. 


Endless Night CONCLAVE 2015: Guest of Honor – Lukas Zpira

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Lukas ZpiraWe are pleased to announce the Guest of Honor for the Endless Night Conclave 2015 on July 9-14 2015 at Castle Burg Finsterguen in Austria  This will be the legendary Lukas Zpira, producer and host of The Chaos Chronicles.  He will be filming for this project during the weekend and joining us with a photo lab.


Official 2015 New Orleans Vampire Ball Hotel

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Announcement-InternationalHouseWe are pleased to announce that we have secured the official 2015 hotel for the New Orleans Vampire Ball 2015 as the International House.  We are just a few blocks away from the House of Blues.   Now the prices might seem a little pricy, however due to Halloween being on a Saturday and Voodoo Fest we feel we got a GREAT deal.  The rooms are $229 per night if you book 4 nights and $250 a night for 3 nights.  Their normal rates for this weekend are $400 a night.  The address is Address: 221 Camp St, New Orleans, LA 70130 and their phone number is +1 504-553-9550.   Tell them you are with the Endless Night and they will give you the secret rates.  You need to call in, we cannot do online bookings.