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Father Sebastiaan is a special guest at the BLADE RAVE for New York ComicCon

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On October 9th, Deacon Frost has invited master fangsmith Father Sebastiaan and Impresario of the Endless Night Vampire Ball to join him in raising La Magra – the blood god – within the walls of his iconic underground nightclub. Blade will be helpless against the strength and power of New York City’s most powerful vampire family the Sabretooth Clan. Father Sebastiaan will be inviting his guests into a special VIP section for purebloods only, with Victor Magnus serving as the gatekeeper.  All vampire royalty will be allowed entrance as deemed by Magnus and have special viewing of the blood rain during The Crystal Method’s set.  In order to access this event, and enter into Sebastiaan’s company, please use code “FatherSebastiaan23“.  All details online at  Event is one hour after sundown on Friday October 9th.  Don’t just watch. Experience.

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Father Sebastiaan Fangs

Official Announcement – Sabretooth Advanced Fangs

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WOW my clients are going nuts for the SABRETOOTH ADVANCED FANGS.  Even though they take more time to make and are most expensive ($130 per pair) they are better at color matching, stronger, fit better and shine like glass.  Here are some videos of my Sabretooth Fang Clients getting “upgrades” and their testimonials comparing the old fangs to the new ones.  I never had so many bookings in my life for the new teeth, so if you would like an upgrade or a new pair please contact me ASAP on my Facebook Page or via email.

Or visit my schedule of events for all the details on my AntiValentines Fang Sessions 2015

Endless Night – Fangs by Father Sebastiaan – Clara Gets her New Fangs

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Advanced Sabretooth Fangs(tm)

Recently I have been experimenting with new techniques for making “Advanced” fangs from the results of my research.

The fangs include:

– Translucent so they better match your teeth and look much more realistic.
– Stronger so they potentially last longer.
– Polish much better.
– Much more detail in the fangs.
– A more solid and clean look.

These fangs are going to cost €15 per tooth more because they take me longer to make.   About 1 hour per pair average because the materials take longer to dry.

I am in Paris until the 25th of January and am taking appointments at my studio in Paris and in Darkland. You can email me at to schedule an appointment.

I prefer to meet you in private at my studio so there are no distractions so I can focus without distractions.

PLEASE contact me quickly so we can book your appointment.

You can see my agenda at

Tampa Vampire Ball 2015 : First Performer Announcement : The BLACK BATS!

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The Black Bats

It is with GREAT pleasure we announce – The first performers for the Endless Night : Tampa Vampire Ball 2015 will be the one and only, Black Bats , a Darkwave, Electronic, Gothic Ethereal Trio out of SFLA.

The Black Bats are a collaboration of like minded musicians drawn to Vampiric imagery and sound, with elements of operetic resonance. Their music combines a synth and keyboard foundation, carried by a driving drum and bass rhythm, layered with dark and erthereal vocals and sonic guitars. Ambient synth pop sound with a darker tone and celestial voices. Though compared to the likes of The Sisters of Mercy and Switchblade Symphony, the Black Bats have established themselves with a distinct sound of their own within this Dark Wave genre.

Listen to them on Reverbnation and get a preview of what is in store!


Endless Night: Vampire Castle Conclave 2015

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Endless Night Castle 2015

Father Sebastiaan and the Sabretooth Clan are pleased to announce the new Endless Night Castle “Vampire Conclave” to be held at Castle Burg Finstergrün in Austria on July 9th to 14th 2015. This event will be different from other Endless Night events in that it is best describes as “VampCamp” inspired by a mix of Hogwarts, Burning Man and Game of Thrones and is infact designed to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Father Sebastiaan’s Fang Business.

Endless Night Castle in the Myst

There will be a maximum of 200 tickets available total and multiple options for accommodations including a room in the castle (€40 per night including breakfast, first come / first serve as there is a limit of 100 beds), local hotels and even camping on the castle grounds. Tickets can be purchased from the Endless Night Castle page on are €250 until December 1st / €299 after and will include all the weekends activities but not transportation, accommodation or extras like lunch, dinner and drinks.

Endless Night CastleEvents will include two Vampire Ball events, hiking, sword fighting, fire shows, storytelling, live music, fetish dungeon / darkroom, seminars on many subjects, belly dance and burlesque and much more. The best part is all the participants need to contribute one proposed project be it a performance, seminar or volunteering, making the Endless Night Castle event a truly interactive experience inspired by the culture of Burning Man.

Endless Night CastleBurg Finstergruen is a 12th century “stronghold” first mentioned in 1138 and the name translates to mean “dark trench.” In 1841 the castle was destroyed in a forest fire and was rebuilt in 1899.  By the 1950s it became a Protestant youth group summer camp and was finally purchased in 1972 by a youth group.  The owners are very open minded and VERY excited to receive us… giving us full freedom to be ourselves and celebrate our Sabretooth Clan traditions, culture and community.

Fangs by Father Sebastiaan

For more information on this event please visit or on   The RSVP and event details can be found at the official Facebook event page on