Photo Policy

Endless Night Productions prides itself on professionalism to the highest degree and the quality of our images.  We have established a solid photo policy to focus on the comfort and personal space of our customers and providing a great image for our event.

Here are the terms:

  • All photos taken by professional photographers require a press pass and pre-approval via email at least a few weeks before an event. is our official company email.
  • All photos when printed MUST include the watermark of the Endless Night logo (see below) and location / date as well as photographers credits.
  • All copyrights for photos are shared between EN and photographer, EN may use all photos for promotional purposes and presentation on website.
  • Photographer may not resell any photos or use them for promotion of any other event except Endless Night.  They may of course use them to promote their own photography.
  • When posting on Facebook please tag all pictures with EndlessNightVampireBall on Facebook.
  • Photo passes must be displayed properly.

Endless Night Watermark

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